Visual Presentations That Do Not Make You Want to Sleep

When I first saw that we had to create a Powerpoint, I may have grumbled a little to myself – Ugh…Powerpoint.  I’m sure we have all be in a room with the dread of  the lights being flicked off and the bright screen of the projector coming on for a Powerpoint presentation.  The worst feeling in the world.  I just recently had to sit through a Webinar for business grammar, it included this exact scenario.  Double whammy – lecture on grammar and a slide presentation.  It was what you typically associate presentations to be – a boring speaker, boring slides, and boring content.  Through Module 8: Hypermedia in the Classroom  my eyes were opened to a new way to use Powerpoint, a way to make them interesting and well designed.

Before this assignment I always thought of Powerpoints as something to just show key points of whatever was being presented. I never thought they could be designed well or even be fun to use.  Through researching interactive Powerpoints I have come to realize that Powerpoint are an important tool to use in the classroom.  They can keep students engaged in the subject matter, the lesson, and make them excited about taking a quiz or reviewing for a test.  Also, Powerpoints can be visually appealing, which is an important aspect to me, being an inspiring art teacher.  I came across a slide presentation that was well designed as well as a good resource on how to create better presentations.  7 Tips to Create Visual Presentations   Design shack created a post dedicated to tips for designing better presentations.  Both of these links are worth checking out.  This assignment just scratched the surface of what you can do with presentations.  They can also be taken to the next level with Flash programing, to create a more interactive user experience.

The most important thing I learned from this assignment was Powerpoints do not have to be dull and boring.  Think outside the box.  For future students – I’ d recommend doing more research outside of the provided links. Check out the links above to get ideas and inspiration for developing your presentation.  This assignment is a lot more time-consuming than what you expect it to be.  There were several times I thought I was done with the assignment then I would play the slides and find even more things I needed to tweak or other pages that needed to be added.  If you are using the same elements for each side it will save you an A LOT of time if you duplicate the slide.  To an extent I did this for a lot of slides but I added the animations last and I had to manually go into each slide and change them.  Think about your design before you start building it in Powerpoint, the initial time you spend planning out your design “on paper”  the less time you will spend adjusting every slide.  Trust me, I learned the hard way.


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